Teamology = the science of determining how team-able are your teams. 

We give you the lens to see organizational entropy and the tools to fix it.

We can help you, your team, division or company in many ways, so long as you both need, and want, help to become better, stronger, longer-lasting and willing to unleash the passion inside your own people. 
" ​​What Kelly has built simply changes lives. It leaves you thinking about so many things in, and from, your life. How you start to see things past, present and especially future is surreal. Kelly and his team truly lift the fog so you can see things that become impossible to "un-see." He not only changes lives, he gives companies the map, the flashlight, and the keys to the castle. He will even offer to be your guide to it if you ask him to!"  VP Business Solutions, (name withheld).
From our seminar and work shop, you will learn:
  • What the UHD is and how to see it
  • What Synapsing is and how to use it
  • What the UP-Factors are, how to use them to read others and to build high-performance teams
  • The secrets to building high-performance teams and putting the right functions into critical roles
  • The Bacon Rules of Business
  • The truth behind the Innovation Process
  • How to read functions while engaging internal and external customers
  • How to turn your organization into an organism
Our services usually start with our 2-day seminar and workshop. This is how you will learn to use the lenses to see things differently and practice the tools of effective team building, leadership, reading functions, and synapsing your way to success. 

Click here for a brochure of our 2-day seminar and workshop:

We also offer condensed half-day sessions for smaller groups or management to better understand the content to decide how to use to benefit the larger organization and various teams. 
Special Projects & Services

Sometimes you just need specialists to help with immediate challenges. We can also help you fight your fires, even your "low hanging dumpster fires."
Every company needs help in some way. The question is do they want it? This is why we want to get to you know you first, understand your business and your current challenges. From there we can propose an ala carte menu of things we can do from facilitating crucial debates, stoking the fires of your innovation process, providing insights/ideas to your talent management and retention process, building company morale, team building, or engaging the external market as independent consultants to assess and identify opportunities. If you have read The Bacon Rules of business yet, then this might not make sense, but we see every day, unfortunately, a massive gap between companies and their lost focus for the 3rd Bacon Rule. The ONE rule that any company can survive on. Companies cannot survive indefinitely on the 1st and 2nd Bacon Rules of Business. 
Example services :
  • Team building training
  • Organizational consulting
  • Talent management consulting
  • Strategy facilitation and consulting
  • Market studies
  • New business development opportunities and assessments
  • Innovation process management
  • 3rd party representation for technical or commercial projects
  • Culture transformation (when you are ready for it)
When you find yourself stuck wanting to know exactly what the picture is on the puzzle box of the business or the major R&D project, remember that it does not exist. Let us help you see it without paralyzing your organization by the analysis and spending more time taking no risk versus taking any at all.