Teamology = the science of determining how team-able are your teams. 

We give you the lens to see organizational entropy and the tools to fix it.
You most likely have them in your life right now. These are the people that know you best, they read your mind, and importantly, you do the same for them. This can be an office coworker, friend, relative or neighbor. These are the people that when you see them, they are greeted differently, the time flies by without notice, and years can go by before you see them again, and the energy goes right back to where it left off. 
What happens when two brains of the same or similar hardware resonate on the same signal. It is the WiFi between the two brains. 
Synapsing is that special connection feeling you experience when meeting someone that simply seems to be  able to read your mind, and you theirs. It is exhiliarting and exhaling at the same time. 

You and this person are so much on the same page that it grips your conversation and grays out the surroundings. Time goes by without notice and you save this moment in your permanent memory. 
Level 1 Synapsing
The office co-therapist, the person who knows you, gets you, and you know and get them. They are your therapy "synapse."
Level 2 Synapsing
When you and your Level 1 Synapse decide to accomplish something in the world, you become, a Level 2 Synapse!
Level 3 Synapsing
When your Level 2 starts adding more Synapses and Supporters that believe in the cause, you become a Level 3 Synapse. The world has been shaped by Level 3 Synapses. 
This is when that Level 1 Synapse goes from co-therapy to actually making something happen. This does not mean organizing a party or a golf outing. It means accomplish something that has some level of odds against it that it takes two people acting as one to overcome. Such as, getting management support for a project or re-building the image of a business in the marketplace. 
Negative Synapsing
The people you can't explain it, they drive you nuts and you actively avoid them. 
Level 3 Synapses change the world. They are the only weapon against the deterioriating forces of the Ultimate Human Dilemma. Level 3's are where the Level 2 adds more Synapses and more importantly, supporters to the cause. These are the people that feel the energy and the passion and rally behind it and provide momentum to make large-scale changes in the world. 
These are those people that you likely cannot even explain it why it is you struggle so much to work with them and build apprehensive barriers to interacting altogether. 

These are the people it takes 2-3x more effort to get half the expected result. These are the people in your life you are convinced you can never get on the same page with, or, see eye-to-eye. 

These are the people you actively avoid without realizing the added damage it does by doing it.