Teamology = the science of determining how team-able are your teams. 

We give you the lens to see organizational entropy and the tools to fix it.
Your 'Ultimate Potential' 
For years I struggled with the fact that "functions" alone did not explain why companies fail or why people and teams have frictions and dysfunction or other times effortlessly succeed. Then I realized the truth of "Nature vs Nurture." 

With respect to Nature, our biological parents give us our brain functions; our "starter kits" if you will. One hardware operating system and a software that runs on it to make decisions. The hardware is either intuition/extrapolating or sensing/interpolating. The software is either thinking or feeling. From there it is up to us and the Conditions and Circumstances (UP-3) we experience in our lives. The Ultimate Potential is characterized by six easy-to-use factors that when combined, they are called the UP-Factors. The UP-Factors are the missing yardstick of humanity. 
UP-1: Age
The first one is the easy one: Age. How old are you? Someone who is 45 will score higher than someone who is 35. However, what they have done with that extra 10 years is what matters most. 
UP-2: Experience & Maturity
This combination is here for a reason. Experience is that, experience. Either you have it or you don't. Someone with 10 years in a field has an advantage over someone who doesn't. However, that advantage can be eliminated if they lack Maturity. Maturity in this context means they realize "it isn't about being right." If they have both, HIRE THEM!
UP-3: Conditions & Circumstances
You cannot develop your brain's non-dominant functions when life is handed to you. Everyone must go through tough times. It is the "things that try to kill you" that must be present if you are to become "stronger" as a result. 
UP-4: Synapses & Supporters
When UP-3 is happening to you throughout your life, it is the people who not only know you, but they know what you are thinking and feeling at a much deeper level. These are the people you cannot hide your feelings from and are the ones who help you shape adversity into a scaffold for personal growth. Only with UP-3 and UP-4 can a person develop brain "ambidexterity." 
UP-5: The 3H's or JC'd
Besides UP-2, this is the most important UP Factor. This is the one that radiates a person's
"team-ability." As UP-3 happens, and depending on the quality of UP-4, a person goes one of two ways: towards the 3H's (Humble, Helpful, Humility) or JC'd (Jaded with Chips on their shoulder.) 
UP-6: Reading Functions
The last UP Factor is the one that truly defines a person's "team-ability." This is the one that tells you how well a person is able to "read" the brain functions of others. In other words, they can size-up a person's hardware and software quickly enough to cater to the person's preferance for absorbing/processing their environment to ensure a successful conversation, sales call, business deal, etc.